tiistaina, heinäkuuta 19, 2005

Which wacky...

Heh. Voiko ihanammin aamu enää alkaa? Via Kirjailija.

(Omat kestosuosikit olisivat kyllä olleet Daniil Harms ja tietysti setä Bulgakov.)

You are VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKY. You brood, and look
sexy while doing it. Futurism and surrealism
appeal to you. As a young artiste you pulled
pranks like throwing tea at your audiences. You
really like your friend Brik's wife, so youll
write her an epic poem deemed "the most
savage indictment of a woman in our time."
A couple years after the October Revolution, no
one will praise your work anymore, and your
crappy love life will make you depressed. So,
sadly, you'll commit suicide.

Which wacky 20th century Russian author are you?
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Tristan kirjoitti...

Kiinnostava testi:

"You are ANNA AKHMATOVA. Romantic, eloquent, tragic, a cult figure among young poets and the intelligentsia. You hang out at the Stray Dog Cafe. Because you wrote about plain old love, you were too bourgeouis for the Bolsheviks. They threw your son in prison and branded you a harlot-nun. Your harrowing experiences inspired your most famous poem, Requiem."